Side Dishes -Vegetable dishes- *(v) = Suitable for vegetarian
Salad 4.00
Green salad with Shiso dressing.(v)
Edamame 3.50
Boiled green soybeans.(v)
Ohitashi 3.50
Boiled spinach with bonito fish flake and soya sauce.
Hourenso goma ae 3.80
Boiled spinach with home made sweet sesame seed.(v)
Wakame su 3.50
Seaweed and cucumber in sweet soya vinegar dressing.(v)
Hiyashi Yaki-nasu 5.50
Chilled grilled aubergine w/ dashi, grated ginger & bonito flakes(v)
Tsukemono moriawase 4.00
Assorted japanese pickles.(v)
-Deep Fried- *(v) = Suitable for vegetarian
Agedashi dofu 5.00
Deep fried beancurd in seaweed sauce.(v)
Nasu dengaku 5.00
Deep fried aubergine with sweet soybean paste.(v)
Nasu Nanban 5.50
Deep fried aubergine with sweet soya vinegar and spring onion.(v)
Yasai korokke 5.00
Vegetable coroquette.(v)
Tori kara age 5.00
Deep fried soya and ginger marinated chicken.
Chicken Nanban 5.20
Deep fried chicken coated with egg, marinated in sweet vinegar with spicy mayo.
Kani kara age 8.00
Deep fried soft shell crab with ponzu sauce and chilli raddish.
Saba tatsuta age 5.00
Deep fried soy sauce marinated mackerel.
Aji fry 4.80
Deep fried horse mackerel in bread crumbs.
Ton-katsu 7.50
Deep fried pork in bread crumbs.
Chicken-katsu 7.50
Deep fried chicken in bread crumbs.
Ebi-fry 6.50
Deep fried prawn in bread crumbs.
-Sea food-
Sunomono moriawase 7.00
Mixed seafood and cucumber in sweet vinegar dressing.
Sashimi salad 8.50
Salad with mixed raw fish, tofu with Shiso dressing.
Sake kawa ponzu 4.00
Salmon skin in vinegar dressing on grated white raddish.
Ikura oroshi 6.00
Salmon roe on grated white raddish.
Ika geso shouga yaki 3.50
Grilled squid tentacle in ginger and soysauce.
Shio-kara 3.50
Salt cured preserve squid in own guts.
Saba miso ni 5.00
Simmered mackerel in soyabean paste.
Yaki hotate 5.00
Scallop grilled in butter and soy sauce (2pieces).
Sake shio-yaki Gluten free 12.50
Grilled salted Salmon.
Saba shio-yaki Gluten free 5.00
Grilled salted Mackerel.
Buri-kama shio-yaki Gluten free 14.00
Grilled salted Yellow tail collar bone.
Gin-Dara Saikyo-yaki 11.00
Grilled miso marinated Black cod.
-Meat dish-
Gyoza 5.50
5 pieces Pork dumpling.
Buta kakuni 5.00
Simmered pork in teriyaki sauce.
Yakitori 4.80
Grilled skewer chicken with teriyaki sauce.