Rice Dishes
Sushi set 15.00
9pieces of assorted sushi and 2piece of roll.
Sashimi set 15.00
13pieces of assorted raw fish.
Chirashi zushi set 15.00
Assorted raw fish on sushi rice.
Sake chirashi zushi set 15.00
Raw salmon on sushi rice.
Tekka jyu set 15.50
Raw tuna on sushi rice.
Una jyu set 18.00
Grilled sea eel with teriyaki sauce on rice.
Tenjyu set 10.50
Mixed vegetable and prawn tenpura with teriyaki sauce on rice.
Katsu-don set 11.00
Deep fried pork in bread crumbs simmered with onion and egg on rice.
Gyu-don set 12.00
Thinly sliced Beef and onion simmered in teriyaki sauce on rice.
Sushi waka special 19.50
Sushi, sashimi, tenpura, teriyaki chicken, rice sereved in box.