Fish Dishes -Sashimi-
Sashimi 16.00
13pieces of assorted raw fish.
(Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel, White fish amd Sweet Prawn)
Sake sashimi 14.50
7pieces of Salmon sashimi.
Tai sashimi 12.50
7pieces of Sea bream sashimi.
Suzuki sashimi 12.50
7pieces of Sea bass sashimi.
Maguro sashimi 16.50
7pieces of tuna sashimi.
Hamachi sashimi 21.00
7pieces of Yellow tail sashimi.
Toro sashimi 25.00
7pieces of Fatty Tuna sashimi.
Nigiri moriawase 16.50
9 assorted sushi and 2piece of roll.
1portion = 2pieces each.
Omlettes 3.50
Squid 4.00
Octopus 4.00
Mackerel 4.00
Tuna 5.00
Salmon 4.50
Sea bass 5.00
Sea Bream 5.00
Salmon roe 5.50
Flying fish roe 4.50
Prawn 4.50
Sweet prawn 4.80
Sea eel 5.50
Surf Clam 4.50
Scallop 6.00
Yellow tail 5.00
Fatty tuna 6.00
Sea urchin 8.00
Saba oshi zushi
(Mackerel pressed sushi in rectangular box)
-Rolls- 1 portion = 6 pieces All rolls are also available in a hand roll or in-side out rolls (additional 50p)
Cucumber roll 3.20
Oshinko roll 3.60
Pickled plum roll 3.60
Avocado roll 3.80
Salmon roll 3.90
Salmon and cucumber roll 4.00
Salmon and avocado roll 4.00
Salmon skin roll 3.85
Tuna roll 4.10
Spicy tuna roll 4.10
Tuna and avocado roll 4.35
California roll
(Prawn and avocado)
Eel and cucumber roll 4.50
Eel and avocado roll 4.50
Salmon roe roll 4.80
Fatty tuna and spring onion roll 5.80
Sushi waka hand roll
(prawn tenpura and avocado)
Prawn tenpura roll 6.00
Prawn tenpura and avocado roll 7.00
Deep fried softshell crab and avocado roll 13.50
All rolls are also available in a hand roll or in-side out rolls (additional 50p)